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Donald Trump kicked off his presidential bid more than a year ago with harsh words for Mexico. Are not our friend, believe me, he said, before disparaging Mexican immigrants: bringing drugs. They bringing crime. After all, if there’s one disappointing lesson the Letterman case has taught us, it’s that you can’t just walk up to a star and tell him to give you money to shut up. That’s extortion, and it’s illegal, and the law is mean.According to people who have actually dealt with celebrity affairs and their clampdowns, the shutting up process between stars and their trysts is a lot more complex than you might think.Like I said, if any of Tiger’s 11 billion women were to just call him up and demand $1 million for their silence, they could be reported to police. In fact, one lawyer told me, that’s exactly what he’d advise Tiger to do.”It could have the effect of casting a bad light on all of the women coming forward,” and that would mean good PR for Tiger, criminal defense attorney Peter Berlin explains.So then suppose one is a member of Tiger’s ambush of young ladies (that’s an actual term, not a judgment) and one would like a large pimp wad of cash for remaining out of the E! Online daily news budget.

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