A serious and reliable partner to corporate compliance professionals

Technetic provides corporate compliance professionals with the technological know-how necessary to offer competent advice even on innovative fields.

Privacy e Data Protection

The most advanced technological skills to support corporate compliance professionals

Technetic safeguards your corporate data handling and protection.

Digital economy development requires that individuals and economic operators have control of personal data.

The European Union GDPR 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation) regulates the processing and the free exchange of personal data in order to enhance and support the development of digital economy.

Every company, manufacturing or otherwise, of any size or sector, needs to conform its management system to continuous transformations of the economic system.

Technetic is the Specialist who assists the compliance operators in the process of data protection from following rules to procedure accuracy, compliance training and finally information system security.

We design, carry out, manage and maintain the Privacy Management System by introducing relevant technical and organizational measures.


Objective: meet regulatory requirements;
protect the rights of the parties concerned and protect the know-how.



  • Compliance
  • Risk analysis
  • Application & Management
  • Training

able to handle personal data and prevent digital exposure


An ecosystem for Cybersecurity

Technetic can presently attain all Cybersecurity processes in all its stages.

The digital transformation is based on connectivity and continuous data and information exchange, inside and out the corporate system. Concurrently to the ever massive use increase of Cloud, Mobile Universe and Internet of Things, is the ever increasing digital risk.

Every company, large or small, must ensure their customers and partners data and systems protection, by providing a cyber secure and compliant digital environment.

We design, develop, implement, maintain and monitor the Digital Safety Plan rendering the company resilient to cyber-crime.


Objective: To protect data, digital systems and know-how; mitigate digital risks.

Digital safety plan

We and our partners have built a methodology called CYBERMATE

The CYBERMATE methodology consists of:

  • Planning
  • Design technology scouting
  • Embodiment of the implant
  • Cybersecuritization
  • Financial facilities
  • Specialized training
  • Monitoring post implementation
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Our objective is to proactively and positively render CUSTOMERS RESILIANT to cyber threats



Ongoing training to sensitize staff to digital security.



Positive response to traumatic events and keep focused on one’s own identity

IP Valorization

Patent Box protocol enhances corporate intellectual property within 4.0 scope

We developed hundreds of “Patent Box” projects for our customers.

Innovation, research, originality, creativity, as well as the “know how” and information exchange all favour the attainment of tax benefits.

The know-how thus generated is what Patent Box is all about: tax benefits rewarding businesses who identify, enhance and optimize their intangible asset.

Technetic is the specialist who simplifies the procedure to access Patent Box related tax benefits.

We of Technetic have achieved remarkable results in the enhancement and management of trademarks, patents, know-how, software and designs.
We support companies along the entire process: we identify the intangible assets, we appraise the income deriving from the use thereof, we determine the tax benefit achievable, we support companies with their dealing with the Revenue Agency.


Objective: protection and enhancement of intellectual property rights, know-how and innovative processes.


  • The action

    "Patent Box" is the optional fiscal tool consisting in the exemption to 50% of the income arising from the use of intangible assets in relation with IRES and IRAP.

  • Beneficiaries

    "Patent Box" beneficiaries are all entities with corporate income related to intellectual property, such as:

    • - software;
    • - industrial patents (already granted or in process);
    • - Legally protected designs;
    • - Legally protected know-how.

  • How to obtain the benefit

    Technetic assists companies as follows:

    • - identification of intangible assets and the definition of R&D costs;
    • - quantification of subsidizable income resulting from the use of intangible assets;
    • - tax benefit and Ruling.