Technetic Italia Srl is an innovation specialist at the disposal of all businesses’ ethics. The term “ethics” means an “ethical” approach to businesses activities, i.e. technically scrupulous, well organized management, respectful of applicable laws and regulations. We use the latest best practices at the international level.

Technetic Italia Srl collects and integrates the best legal, digital, technological and financial expertise thanks to the specialized and diversified know-how of his partners, who we adopt a model of collaborative business founded on OPEN INNOVATION with. The services that ensue from it apply to a very wide range of industrial sectors.

Innovation is embodied in the digital transformation, together with regulatory changes, which the digital transformation industry 4.0 and Internet of Things are proof of.

The interconnection of corporate assets and continuous data exchange inside and outside the business system, demand a considerable amount of information handling and digital risk management. Hence the need to adopt cybersecurity technologies.

The General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679 GDPR) establishes articulated and complex compliance. Companies must adopt a system of corporate compliance to adapt to the provisions of the same. The activities relating to this requirement are in continuous growth and transformation due to necessity, rules, know-how and technologies ever changing, impacting all business management aspects.

Technetic mission is to create methods and technologies to develop innovative services designed to meet these needs.

Why entrust Technetic?

To increase corporate business and mitigate digital risks, it’s very important to rely on a trustworthy partner.

Technetic provides a customized technical and practical support encompassing the process of corporate compliance project implementation, from initial client contact, to planning and implementation, up to system monitoring and managing.

Relying on Technetic means interacting with a collaborative ecosystem skilled in compliance technology and know-how as well as data handling and protection.

“CYBERMATE” is the methodology that provides a multidisciplinary approach integrating legal, digital, organizational and compliance expertise in order to perfect the “Safe Privacy” project.