Technetic Italia Srl is an innovation specialist at the disposal of all businesses’ ethics. The term “ethics” means an “ethical” approach to businesses activities, i.e. technically scrupulous, well organized management, respectful of applicable laws and regulations. We use the latest best practices at the international level.

Technetic collects and integrates the best legal, technological and financial expertise from its qualified partners.

As a result we have created a collaborative ecosystem specialized in tecnologies and know-how compliance.

We create methods and technologies to develop innovative services for enterprise security

The business development requires compliance management, i.e. an ever more well-structured and complex system of rules and feasances. In order to act effectively and safely it is necessary to adopt specialized and innovative technologies. Technetic offers advanced and continuous upgraded technical support.

The most advanced technological skills in support to the corporate compliance professionals

Technetic supports corporate compliance professionals by providing the necessary technological tools to allow for a optimal activities implementation. Specifically designed platforms are available to manage corporate compliance, CyberSecurity, Privacy and Data Protection.

A trustworthy and reliable partner to the corporate compliance professionals

Technetic provides a 360° technical and operational support customized for the construction of a corporate compliance project, from customer negotiation to system design, implementation, monitoring and control thereof. In order to render its expert advice more efficient and profitable the professional partner is provided with custom Work Platforms and specialized digital know-how.


Cybersecurity partnered ecosystem

In order to build reliable Cybersecurity systems the CYBERMATE methodology combines multiple specializations and technologies which are provided by our partners for optimal data protection and security.

Our expertise is technetic associated professionals’ strong point

We provide via digital innovation a great opportunity for the best Italian Professionals to improve their business.